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    OP: ESR19-2 - 1 & 2 March 2014, Roosevelt, OK *
    OP: Broken Home 3 - 24 & 25 May 2014, Wyandotte, OK *
    OP: Iron Clad - September 19-21, Camp Shelby, Shelby, MS *
    Evike Con - Oct 17-19. California *
    OP: Faded Giant 3 - November 7-9, GTI, Barnwell, SC *
    OP: Reindeer Games - December 6, 2014, Jacksboro, TX *

    * Dates, locations and other event specifics are subject to change.

    Every event we put on determines the advantages and disadvantages for both sides in our story. You, the player, write the story for yourselves. Have you ever fought your hearts out only to be on the losing side? Even if you beat the ever living crap out of the other side? We have! And it doesn't make sense...

    Immersion is a big part of what makes us different. And it makes for a much more fun game on both sides when you have state bragging rights to fight for.

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